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First thing’s first. If we’re going to hate something, we’ll need some strategies to cope with this hate. As with anything, we have nearly limitless psychological, physical and spiritual tools or paths at our disposal to help us in this effort. First, we’ll need to answer two questions: 1) why this deep hate of something so ostensibly innocuous, if not beautiful and delicious to much of the world and 2) once 1 is settled we can ask what a good solution to this predicament would be, especially if you, like me, otherwise enjoy food of all kinds. Whether to take pride in this hate, the sort-of punk hero solution, mitigate this hate, tricky work indeed, or accept the hate, the would-be Zen approach. Each has its own merits, and it is for each cilantro hater to decide for him/herself which is most apropos for his/her singular cilantro hating reality.

In the coming weeks and months I’ll walk you through some strategies I’m exploring and, of course, some anecdotal and photographic evidence of these journeys. Following this introductory course in me and you vs. cilantro and its kin and how to cope, this blog shall take on other subjects such as loving heirloom tomatoes and feeling solidly indifferent towards fiddlehead ferns (with cilantro, of course, remaining the thematic thread); afterall, how could I or you or anyone so passionately hate something as much as cilantro without loving so much else, in fact most else, of nature’s bounty, as foodies insist on calling it, or food, as I like to think of it.

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