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In all things cilantro love and cilantro hate, seriousness can be difficult to gauge. I hope I haven’t left anyone confused about my true feelings re: cilantro, nor on this hate’s seriousness in my life–to clarify, let’s say the hate is more ever-present and real than serious.

But seriously, it’s fun to do the occasional site meter read-up, the twitter @reply rundown, the google alerts perusal in the inbox and notice something is abuzz in the esoteric realm of cilantro feelings good and bad.

An enthusiastic “writer” has recently found page view success through a front page Reddit appearance this weekend past. In between “posts” the author of “Fuck Yeah Cilantro” has found time to attack this “blog”. Anchor text: IN OTHER NEWS, THE WORLD IS FULL OF SHITHEADS brings you here. It is followed by the elaborating: “i would throw smallpox blankets on these bitches.”

Well, sorry to disappoint, but these bitches is this bitch.

Being in the magnanimous mood that I am, I’d like to take this opportunity to reach out to Fuck Yeah Cilantro and say “Love is not the opposite of hate,” as a friend once said, “Indifference is the opposite of love.” And so, while we ostensibly stand at irreconcilable ends, we’re united in a similarly strong, however opposite, relationship with cilantro, which while I hate and you love, we clearly both notice, and in this noticing we both win.

As cilantro becomes more and more popular, so does the hater’s ability to ask for its omission in dishes increase. That is, even English speakers of the not proficient sort tend to know what I’m asking for when I say no cilantro these days. That’s because it is increasingly, for better but more for worse, part of the American cultural landscape. So cilantro enthusiasts, enjoy your passion, but seriously–lox and cilantro on bagels?

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