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If you don’t hate cilantro, you just don’t understand.

That’s the conclusion I’ve come to after countless times requesting no cilantro and getting cilantro. A common version of this is the “that thing doesn’t have cilantro,” but it does, and I get it, on my food, that I asked for no cilantro on, iteration. Why? Because if you don’t hate cilantro, you just don’t understand.

Today at Grey Dog, a place I like and frequent for lunches, I ordered the vegetarian chili, without cilantro.

“It doesn’t have cilantro, I think you mean scallions.”

“Maybe it does have scallions, but it also has cilantro, at least sometimes, so I would like to not have that.”


chili con cilantro

Not scallions

As you can see from the photo above, my chili came with cilantro.

What’s a girl to do? Yes I picked off the cilantro, yes I picked off half of the not-much-to-begin-with cheese with it. But really, is it so much to ask for no cilantro, and get no cilantro?

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