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Cilantro Vows

I’m married!

cilantro vows

September 18, 2011

This isn’t the place where I talk about how amazing my friends and family and, now, husband are. This isn’t the place where I talk about how my wedding weekend was the best three days of my life. And this certainly isn’t the place where I thank anyone reading for all your love and support.

No, this is the place where I tell you how I included cilantro in my vows. The relevant excerpt:

There are a few things I am certain about, a few things I’m confident are and will remain true: I prefer Macs to PCs, I hate cilantro, and I’ve made up mind, I love you. I love you without qualification, without reservation, without needing more facts
I figured since I already shared these with 145 people, what’s another 30?
Long live cilantro hate, and long live love.

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